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Universal Studios

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Universal StudiosAre you read to step into the world of movies in this fun filled theme park? Join the friendly faces at Universal Studios and experience the movies first hand! Step into the world of your favorite action, comedy and superstar characters, enjoy these fantastic and amazing adventures that bring you up-close and face to face with your favorite movie! With interactive and entertaining rides you will be immersed in the world of your choosing, from Jaws to Men in Black, The Simpsons to Twister, roller-coasters to boat rides, whatever you choose to do you will have a full blown experience that words cannot describe.

Universal Studios Rides

JAWS!Jaws: Welcome to Amity Island, just off the east coast this little island is now a booming tourist attraction. Years after a terrible shark attack that claimed the lives of several of the islands inhabitants the town mayor opened the area up and started a boat touring service that takes you to the spot of the tragic accident. As you take the tour a strange radio comes through that one of the boats seems to be in trouble, rounding the corner you see the remains of a sinking tour boat. It all goes downhill from there as the massive shark nick named JAWS attacks the boat remorselessly, will you make it out alive?

Men in Black: Welcome to training, your on your way to being an agent for the Men in Black, keeping the world safe from invasions from outer space. Shortly after you begin training the alarm sounds and all agents are called to the field after a ship crashes into Manhattan. With gun in hand and vehicle propelling you into the middle of the action you need to blast your enemy targets and raise your score! That's right, you have a score allowing you to compete with your friends and family on this fun filled adventure! Fire at key locations on the enemy targets to rack up your points and compare when the ride ends!

The Simpsons: Take a wild ride through a strange theme park in this fun filled adventure. When you arrive at the ride a short video will play revealing that one of the Simpson Families arch nemesis's has escaped prison and infiltrated the park. You are to be the first ones to rides the new roller-coaster attraction and along with the Simpsons you prepare to board the ride. Once the ride starts the Simpsons nemeses reveals his plan and changes the roller-coasters mode from "fun" to "kill." Then this fun filled adventure turns into a wild and whacky escape, filled with laughs and hilarious one liners you with find yourself quoting the ride for the remainder of your trip.

The Rip Ride and Rock-it: This new innovative roller-coaster has a 90degree drop, what makes that so innovative? Well it also has a 90degree rise, from the second you leave the bay you are on your back and traveling sky high. The major attraction to this new roller-coaster is the built in music, as you ride speakers on the left and right of your head play pulse pounding music of your choice to intensify this wild ride!

Universal Theme ParkTwister: Venture into the heart of the storm and learn what special effects it took to make the movie "Twister," a reality. In this amazing display of special effects you get to see the amazing power of a tornado and experience the confusion and wreckage of these amazing and powerful monsters.

Disaster!: Get ready to be filmed because you will be the star. Get on a subway train and be taken into the depths of this pulse pounding machine that simulates an earthquake. With water, fire and of course shaking you are asked to play the characters of the scared subway passengers. Then you are launched into a crazy and hectic experience of epic proportions as you are cast into the midst of a terrifying earthquake. After you emerge safe and sound you can watch or purchase the replay of your performance!

Revenge of the Mummy: Venture into the tomb of a long forgotten mummy. Upon entering you will find out that the tomb is cursed, of course that's not enough to stop adventurers, because you are about to find yourself in the belly of the beast as you travel deeper and deeper. Combat the mummy and attempt to escape his clutches, with special effects such as fire, water and life-like skeleton and mummy characters this incredible ride is a fantastic and pulse pumping adventure like none other!

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